Marcie and Tom Dinkel


Tom Dinkel attended De La Salle High School and as a senior went to the Napa Valley LaSalle Christian Brothers retreat and conference center. “I was captivated by the vineyards, and got to meet Brother Timothy”.

Marcie began her modeling career in high school in Saratoga, CA and was soon “discovered” in San Francisco. She went to Paris, and during her 14-year career she appeared on close to 100 front covers, including Vogue, Tattler, Elle and Marie Claire. She developed a taste for Bordeaux wines.

On one of their first dates, the couple visited the Hess Collection and winery. They were inspired by the multi-media presentation about the vineyards, the process of grape growing, and seasonal changes. They were passionate about making  this part of their lives and set the goal to own a vineyard on the spot.














Our  vision    is  to    produce  wine that reflects the unique terroir of its origin.

our own  cabernet sauvignon vineyards are 100% sustainably farmed.

Tom and Marcie married and started setting intentions for their lives. They envisioned a home with spectacular views and ended up in Sedona, AZ. Later, they sold this property. They created a “treasure map” that captured the elements that they were looking for in a property.


“You imagine your future as if it’s already happened,” Marcie said. They bought a home in Healdsburg with room for a vineyard.

After renovating that home, and planting a small vineyard, Tom found a property that fit their ultimate vision. It is a peaceful  22 acres with 2 small lakes, and 5 acres of high end Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.  The grapes were being sold to Stag's Leap. After purchasing the vineyard, Marcie and Tom initially sold grapes to the Caymus winery in 2007.


Later, their vineyard manager, Hector Lopez, introduced them to Robert Foley - who now purchases two thirds of their grapes, and integrates them into his Claret.  With the remaining crop, Bob makes a few hundred cases per vintage of 100% Estate grown Dos Lagos Vineyard Cabernet  Sauvignon. 

This dependis upon the crop yield for each vintage.


New additions to the Dos Lagos Vineyards lineup are a Sauvignon Blanc made by Kent Jarman, and a Chardonnay whose origins are 'Cloaked in Secrecy'.


Today Tom is also CEO of WaterClear PLUS, a fresh water supply Company. Marcie is a painter, and creates a new painting for each vintage label.


phone: 707 278 4080



Awards and spent a few days and some late nights meeting rap, R&B and kuduro superstars from across Africa: names like Banky W, Fally Ipupa, Daddy Owen, Cabo Snoop and Radio & Weasel, from Angola to Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and beyond, all huge stars in their own countries, selling truckloads of records despite rampant piracy and a rickety music industry. These guys are kind of the Jay Zs and Snoops of Africa, basically.

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Dos  Lagos Vineyards

 Napa Valley, Atlas Peak Appellation 

Our winery is a proud member of the Napa Valley Vintners, an organization committed to the future of the Napa Valley through the preservation and enhancement of its land, wine and community.