Bob Foley


had his initial training working under Joe Heitz at Heitz cellars in the '70s and was also the founding winemaker of Markham Vineyards - where he spent 15 years prior to starting up Pride. Bob was founding winemaker at the famous Pride Mountain during the next fifteen years. 


Bob Foley also created the highly acclaimed Switchback Ridge, Hourglass, School House, Paloma, and Engel Family.


Now, Bob Foley is also the winemaker for Dos Lagos Vineyards. Dos Lagos Cabernet elicits his style of ripe dark fruit concentration, sweet round tannic structure and a long complex finish. Throughout Bob's winemaking, he strives for balance, with deep flavors and supple textures. 












                      ROBERT  FOLEY


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Bob's approach

is to bring forward the vineyard's terroir with a subtle hand. 


The result of his crafting is a deeply complex wine full of personality and great balance. Bob describes Dos Lagos Vineyards terroir: "Cabernet Sauvignon grown in this volcanic tuff series geology produces remarkably expressive wines of profound extraction." 

Dos Lagos Cabernet offers flavors of dark berry, cherry, cassis, chocolate, with hints of tobacco woven together, while balancing these nuances against the sweet coffee/toffee aromas of new French oak.


Dos Lagos Cabernet grapes are in the Robert Foley Claret 2009.

Our winery is a proud member of the Napa Valley Vintners, an organization committed to the future of the Napa Valley through the preservation and enhancement of its land, wine and community.

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